The requirement that DMCA-compliant notices identify and locate specific acts of infringement undermines Plaintiff’s position, as her past notices do not identify and locate other, and future, infringing activity. The Court does not accept her invitation to shift the burden from her to Photobucket….Without receiving notices identifying and locating each instance of infringement, Photobucket did not have “actual knowledge” of the complained of infringements or “aware[ness] of facts or circumstances from which infringing activity is apparent

Another Court Rejects Idea That DMCA Requires Proactive Approach From Service Providers | Techdirt - Yes, apparently some people think you need to do the job of the content creators to be under DMCA creation. The judges and legal system however, completely disagree.

Is this a surprise to anyone? The job of the police is to be police, not everyone else.

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